Information Technology & Computer Science

The Information Technology & Computer Science programme at MMU is designed to prepare students for advanced careers in the field of computer science. Listed in the Top 300 QS World University Rankings in Computer Science and Information Systems, 2017, MMU offers award-winning, practical and industry-ready degrees that will allow you to make a real and lasting impact as an ICT specialist.

Both our Faculty of Computing & Informatics and Faculty of Information Science & Technology incorporate industry-led curriculum provides a scientific, systematic understanding of information technology. With access to real-world industry and research projects, students will also attain stronger technical skills, professional skills and problem solving skills to make them more employable and adaptable in the field of ICT.


我来到MMU的第一天,我就有点害怕我会无法适应这里的生活。但随着时间的推移,恐惧消失了,这让我变了一个人。每一天,我可以看到和感受到自己越来越接近实现我的梦想。 MMU使我今天我是谁,我永远感谢这个。


afsaneh houman 湾排版SC(荣誉)

我的生活和经验MMU至今一直快乐和难忘的。我已经得到了来自不同种族和不同背景的人交往。 MMU是一个多元文化的学校,曾经资助了我与不同的人相处。我这里有爱我的时间在MMU和我都不会将它的喽!


tobenna巴拿巴uzoma 基金会在i.t.